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Process Design and simulation services
In this part you can find out about our Precess Design and simulation services.

These services are currently on limited availability.

Process simulation:
  • We have the AspenOne program package including e.g. AspenPlus ja Hysys simulation programs.
We offer process simulation e.g. in the following areas:
  • Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Grass root and Revamp projects
  • Process Optimisation, Debottlenecking, Energy optimisation
  • Small projects
  • Troubleshooting
  • etc.
Fredrik has many years of simulation experience with numerous simulation programs such as AspenPlus, ProII, Hysys, ChemCad, Flowbat. At the moment we have a license for a AspenOne package including e.g. AspenPlus, Aspen Pinch,  Aspen Flare System, Aspen Utilities, Aspen Hysys, Reformer, CatCracker, Batch, Cost Estimator, Economic Analyser etc.
Process Design:
  • Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering
We offer process Design services e.g. in the following areas:
  • Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Grass root and Revamp projects, small projects
  • Mass- and Energy balances, Equipment calulation and specification
  • Validation of As Built design
  • etc.
We provide Process Design services e.g. as part of a larger project. We can generate Mass- and Energy balance's perform equipment calculations and specifications.
Fredrik has many years of process design experience as well as operating experience. He is familiar with Refinery processes like FCC, Reforming, Ethers, Isomeroisation, Hydrotreating and Lube units. He has also experience in Petrochemical processes like Cracker unit recovery section and Aromatics units. Additionally he has worked on several Chemicals processes.

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